Sharing words of praise for THS research, sent by a Californian enquirer: To Beth Frayne, THS Senior Researcher:
“Over ten years I combed through microfilm, newspapers, and church records in the states of California and Nevada to complete the biography. All this before the advent of the internet! I worked with a number of history societies, and local archives.
So, I do not speak lightly when I say I am thoroughly amazed at your excellence and diligence in getting records from that era.  It will take me some time to comb through the records and begin writing.” 
To Adam O’Neill THS Researcher: “Your work (along with Beth) has brought explosive joy to our family.  It confirms the power of redemption for a convict, a widow left with children, and hard working farmers who made the best of what they were handed in the new society of Western Australia.”

A recent review from a valued subscriber

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