This Day in History: 2020-08-01

2020 August 1-2: The Avon Descent boat race, scheduled for the 1-2 August weekend, was cancelled by Northam’s Avon Descent Association (NADA) due to circumstances arising from the COVID-19 outbreak. Along with the withdrawal of funding for the Avon Family Fun Days, the cancellation of the race itself was a blow for the towns of Northam and Toodyay. The popular Shire of Toodyay-funded Toodyay International Food Fair, planned to occur on 1 August, was also cancelled because it required six months’ planning during Covid-19 restrictions.

Toodyay herald, July 2020, p.5 (photo).
Toodyay community newsletter (Shire of Toodyay), Vol. 4, issue 7 (July 2020), p.4.