This Day in History: 2017-04-09

Toodyay Historical Society’s Vice President Peter Robinson launched his 4-part research work ‘Toodyay families 1836-1900’ at the THS AGM in St. Stephen’s Church Hall on Stirling Terrace. Peter had created his alphabetical list, from various sources, of the names and details of people who have had some contact with Toodyay (Newcastle) from 1836 to around 1900, to help researchers find family members with Toodyay connections. Bound laminated copies are held in Donegan’s Cottage, Drummond House and the Shire Museum.

Duidgeeana, No. 47(Winter 2017), p. 4 (photo)
Beth Frayne, Robyn Taylor & Lee Francis. The Toodyay Society (Incorporated) & The Toodyay Historical Society (Incorporated) 40th Anniversary history, 1980-2020. THS, 2020, pp. 98 (photo)-99.