This Day in History: 2012-07-18

A Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee was established at an inaugural meeting held in the Shire Council Chambers, Fiennes Street, Toodyay. The Committee consisted of Kim Angus (Team Leader, Community Development, Shire of Toodyay), Kathy Robinson (Toodyay Historical Society), Bobbie Jones (private citizen), Peter Robinson (Toodyay Historical Society), Greg Warburton (Toodyay Friends of the River), Roma Heath (Toodyay Garden Club), Beth Frayne (Toodyay Historical Society), Gale Anderson (Toodyay Garden Club),  Wayne Clarke (Toodyay Naturalists’ Club, Toodyay Friends of the River), Desraé Clarke (Toodyay Historical Society, Toodyay Naturalists’ Club, Toodyay Friends of the River). Beth Frayne was the inaugural Chairperson and Desraé Clarke was Acting Secretary.  The following September Beth Frayne took over as Secretary and Greg Warburton was voted in as President.

Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee minutes, 18 July 2012, 27 Sept. 2012.
Toodyay herald, July 2012, p.20; Aug. 2012, pp. 4, 5, 13, 25