This Day in History: 2011-04-14

At the annual Western Australian Heritage Awards held by the Heritage Council of Western Australia, Dr. Brian Shepherd and the Shire of Toodyay were winners in their respective categories. Two members of the Toodyay Historical Society, Dr. Robyn Taylor and Dr. Brian Shepherd, were both listed as finalists in the category ‘Outstanding contribution to heritage by an individual in the heritage industry’, with Dr. Brian Shepherd winning this category. The upgraded Toodyay Public Library was also listed as a finalist in the category ‘Outstanding conservation of a non-residential place’ and the Shire Museum Curator/Heritage Officer Moss Wilson was listed in the category ‘Outstanding Newcomer: The Professor David Dolan Award’. The Shire as a whole however, including Shire staff, Council and Community Groups, were listed as a finalist and then went on to win in the category Outstanding heritage practices by a local government agency (regional)’. The Shire President Kevin Hogg accepted the award in a ceremony in Winthrop Hall at the University of Western Australia.

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