This Day in History: 2009-12-29

Viewed as the most damaging fire in the state’s history, a bushfire began near River Road, West Toodyay, and travelled up into the hills, sweeping through the sub-divisions of Majestic Heights, Majestic Waters, Mountain Park and Wicklow Hills. Although an estimated 200 fire fighters attended the fire, including metropolitan brigades, the bushfire destroyed 38 homes, with 70 or more homes severely damaged, and another 100 homes, sheds and other structures affected by the fire that burnt nearly 3,000 hectares of land. EnergySafety carried out an investigation into the cause of the fire and determined that it was a fallen power pole that ignited ground stubble, in a paddock to the south side of River Road near its intersection with Folewood Road, west of Toodyay.

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