This Day in History: 2009-02-24

Members of the Toodyay and Chittering Shires, including Shire Presidents Cr. Charlie Wroth and Cr. Don Gibson, Deputy Shire Presidents Cr. Bob Somers and Cr. Judi Tomlinson and Chief Executive Officers Graham Merrick and John Merrick, met to review fourteen submissions from suitably qualified consultants, interested in undertaking a community benefit analysis to investigate the benefits, or not, of merging the two Shires. Consultancy firm ACIL Tasman was appointed to carry out an analysis of the social, economic and regional implications of a merger between the two Shires, in an objective manner to ensure that all possible costs and benefits to the communities are fully investigated. A final report was due to be delivered to the Joint Steering Committee within twelve weeks of the date of appointment, prior to being presented to the respective councils for consideration.

Toodyay herald, April 2009, p. 3.