This Day in History: 2009-02-20

The Freemasons’ Hotel in Toodyay ran a Victorian Bushfire Relief Fundraising Night, an event run by staff member Debbie Cording. Residents and businesses in Toodyay responded by fundraising, offering goods and services for an auction and donating money through the local Bendigo Bank. Nathan ‘Marty’ Martin was the auctioneer and a ‘Toodyay Idol’ Competition was also held. The total amounts raised for the event were: food buffet, $1,500; personal fundraising by Leteah, $713.10; fundraising, $3,500; auction, $8,500 – grand total of $14,855.49.

Toodyay herald, Mar. 2009, p.1 (photo), 2, 3 (photos).