This Day in History: 2008-08-23

The 40th anniversary of the Toodyay Naturalists’ Club was celebrated by 30 members and guests enjoying a day of events at the Avalon Homestead, Julimar, and forays to the Avon River, Toodyay Brook and the Wongamine Nature Reserve. Invited speakers and walk leaders were: Pamela Walsh, members Robyn Taylor and Beth Frayne, Patron Prof. Stephen Davies, member Wayne Clarke, Patron John Dell and Patron Dr Neville Marchant. A dinner and lecture ended the day, a tribute to President Greg Warburton’s vision and enthusiasm.

The Toodyay Naturalists’ Club: 40 years of observation and education.  TNC, 2010, pp. 92 (photos)-93;
Toodyay Naturalists’ Club archives.