This Day in History: 2007-08-26

A reunion of members of the Toodyay Society and Toodyay Historical Society was held in Parker’s and Donegan’s Cottages, in the Toodyay Showgrounds. Jan Fraser was the Chair of the Anniversary Committee, assisted by Dr. Brian Shepherd, Prim Allen, Lee Francis and Karen Jacomelli.
At this event, a history booklet of the events and achievements and office-bearers of the Society was launched by President Dr. Robyn Taylor. The booklet was entitled The Toodyay Society Incorporated & Toodyay Historical Society Incorporated: commemorative booklet, 1980 – 2007, prepared by Beth Frayne and Jenny Edgecombe for Toodyay Historical Society Reunion held on 26 August 2007.

Beth Frayne & Jenny Edgecombe. The Toodyay Society Incorporated & Toodyay Historical Society Incorporated commemorative booklet, 1980-2007. THS, 2007 (publication in THS Reference Library).
Beth Frayne, Robyn Taylor & Lee Francis. The Toodyay Society (Incorporated) & The Toodyay Historical Society (Incorporated) 40th Anniversary history, 1980-2020. THS, 2020, pp. 7, 73, 74-75 (photos).