This Day in History: 2003-10-11

2003 October 11-12: The Governor Lieut. General John Sanderson, AC, opened the 150th Anniversary Agricultural Show of the Toodyay Agricultural Society. The Show was the 150th Anniversary of founding of the Society in 1853, in old Toodyay. The Governor led the Street Parade along Stirling Terrace to the Toodyay Showgrounds. Colin Barnett, WA Leader of the Opposition, and John Wilding, representing the President of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia, also attended.
TAS Committee member shirts were very useful in identifying them in the crowd. Twelve scarecrows emerged on the day. A mini-auction raised funds for Toodyay Home & Community Care. On the Saturday evening, there was an outstanding fireworks display from Cardile Fireworks, culminating with a golden 150 in lights. The ABC Radio van was there the day before. The judging schedule in the Lee Steere Memorial Pavilion was changed to Friday night, assisted by upgraded lighting. Margot Watkins won the Shire of Toodyay Open Acquisition Award, worth $500. The first Sunday horse event was held.

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