This Day in History: 1999-05-01

In the Toodyay local government elections, there were vacancies in five seats across all four wards, caused by retiring Councillors. Graham P. Bairstow was re-elected unopposed in West Ward. Glen S. Melton and Alan E. Henshaw were newly elected unopposed in West and North Wards, respectively. Graham E. Mills and Jennifer D. Scott were re-elected in East and Central Wards, respectively.

For the first time, there were four separate polling places on election day, 8.30am-5.30pm: Toodyay Memorial Hall Foyer, Morangup Community Hall, Julimar Bush Fire Shed, and Wattening Bush Fire Shed (which was also the Bejoording Community Hall). Adrian J.W. Bolton was later re-elected Shire President of the Shire Council. Bolton retained this position until May 2001. Andrew D. Smith was the Shire CEO (since January 1998).

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