This Day in History: 1999-02-16

The Shire of Toodyay created the Toodyay Cemetery Planning Advisory Committee. The first meeting that created the committee was held in the Shire Administration building (the old Courthouse) on Fiennes Street.

“The primary function of this committee, it is hoped, is to review the existing cemetery arrangements including but not limited to: Design and landscape; Future requirements; Vegetation; Standards of fences, etc.; Signage.”  Cr. Les A. Hoft was elected Chairperson. Other people present: CEO Andrew D. Smith, Mrs. Mena Chapman, Cliff Napper, Mr. Brian Chambers, Mrs. Judy Fisher, Mrs. Meg Mills, Mrs. M. Thorpe. The Advisory Committee was to meet monthly.

Toodyay Cemetery Planning Advisory Committee minutes, 1999 (Toodyay Historical Society archives).