This Day in History: 1995-10-14

On a hot day, the 142nd (actually the 137th) Toodyay Agricultural Show in the Toodyay Showgrounds was opened by Paul Thompson (ABC Regional Radio announcer). Paul also presented Life Memberships of the Toodyay Agricultural Society to Simon Hamersley and Greg Stevenson. The new Wool Pavilion was not completed in time for Show Day, but the new Youth Hall was complete enough to be used for the photographic and wool sections. Pigeons were not included but a new section was lapidary. Young Adult classes (20 years and under) had been added to some sections.

The President’s Trophy for most points in the sheep, cattle and wool sections was won by the Stevenson family. The Jean Bushell Perpetual Family Trophy for most points in hobbycraft, children’s, floriculture and vegetables was won by Russell and Toni Chrimes and family. The Southern Districts Brass Band provided the musical entertainment. A special feature was the first mini-auction of donated exhibits, which raised funds for the Avon Hospice in Northam. A barbecue tea was offered in the Showgrounds in the evening, supplied by the Toodyay Senior Football Club. Charles Wroth was the TAS President and Jennifer Scott the Secretary/Treasurer. The President later reported that gate admissions were down and it was hard to cover costs.

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