This Day in History: 1995-09-24

The AvonLink Passenger Train Service, the first new country passenger rail service in W.A. for 47 years, made its inaugural run from Northam through Toodyay and Midland en route to Perth. On arrival in Toodyay, ‘Police Constable’ (Peter) Dymond ‘arrested’ Eric Charlton MLC, WA Minister for Transport, for not paying his rail fare. He was transported to the Newcastle Gaol (Museum) in Clinton Street and ‘fined’ the appropriate costs required to upgrade the Toodyay Railway Station to an historical character. Max Trenorden MLA was the Chairman of the AvonLink Committee. The commuter service ran six days a week, initially to the East Perth Railway Terminal. A day return ticket cost $17.00, but a monthly ticket reduced this daily amount to approximately $8.00.

Toodyay herald, Sept. 1995, p.4 (photo); Oct. 1995, p.1 (photos).