This Day in History: 1994-05-07

The Toodyay local government elections were held. Three positions were vacant due to retiring Shire Councillors and two were extraordinary elections due to two resignations (Allan J. Newton and Robert Somers). Elections were required for only three Wards (East (two seats), West and Central). Geoffrey L. Ludemann was re-elected to the North Ward unopposed. Tony D. Maddox was newly appointed in Central, in the seat vacated by Newton. Stanley J. Eastwood was newly appointed to the West Ward. Guiseppe (Joe) Candeloro was newly appointed for a three year term in the East Ward. John J. Smart was elected for a one-year term in East, due to the resignation of Somers. Geoffrey L. Ludemann was later elected Shire President. Robert J. Millar was the Shire Clerk (since August 1986).

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