This Day in History: 1991-10-12

The 138th (actually the 133rd) Toodyay Agricultural Show was resounding success. It was reported that with the agricultural industry struggling and so many country shows in a decline, Toodyay had successful blended the old and traditional with the new. Fred Chaney, Federal Member for Pearce, opened the Show. The Hockey Field had been grassed and reticulated that year, so it was no longer used for show day parking. Toodyay Agricultural Society members had erected a picket fence in front of the Lee Steere Pavilion.  Patchwork and quilting had been given its own section, separate from needlework. Woodturning was a new section.  Angoras and mohair was not included that year. Hugo Hamersley was the still the TAS President and Jennifer Scott was the Secretary/Treasurer.

Toodyay Agricultural Society. Schedule of prizes, 1991.
Toodyay herald, Sept. 1991, p.31; Oct. 1991, p.1; Nov. 1991, pp. 11-13 (photo).