This Day in History: 1990-11-16

The Hon. Minister for Planning approved the ‘Shire of Toodyay, Town Planning Scheme No. 3 – Special Rural Zones’. The Scheme had the purposes of:

  1. Zoning land for Rural Small Holdings.
  2. Enabling the development of Rural Small Holdings in a controlled, orderly manner with a minimum detriment to the Shire environment.
  3. Establishing certain criteria for the planning and development of such lands.
  4. Setting aside land for future public use as Reserves.
  5. Other matters authorised by the enabling Act.

The Scheme described seven “Policy Areas”, which outlined development guidelines for the various Special Rural Zones. These area were: No. 1: Julimar Farms, Julimar Springs, Marri Glades and two other un-named areas; No. 2: Woodland Heights, Brookdale; No. 3: Majestic Heights, Majestic Waters and one other un-named area; No. 4: Royd Nook, Hendersons; No. 5: Bejoording; No. 6: Wicklow Hills Estate; No. 7: Rolling Green, Gidgegannup Springs, and one other un-named area.

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