This Day in History: 1990-10-13

The 137th (actually the 132nd) Toodyay Agricultural Show was successfully held, in spite of the wet weather. The Hon. Margaret McAleer MLC opened the event.  Young Richard Hamersley won the Toodyay Show Poster Competition run for primary students at the Toodyay District High School. There was no show jumping this year, due to the low entry rate, but the Western Trail class was new. China painting was added as a Special Art section, for the first time, and displayed in Parker’s Cottage, with the photography exhibits, which had been moved from the Exhibition Hall. The Year 5/6 Class at TDHS organised the Animal Nursery at the Show, with the help of Mr. Gibson and Serena Syred.

T. and G. Stevenson won the President’s Trophy for most points in the cattle, sheep and wool classes. Brenda Tompkin won the Max Trenorden Trophy for the most points won in the Children’s Sections. Hugo Hamersley was the new President of the Toodyay Agricultural Society and Jennifer Scott was the new Secretary. Kerry Martin was Miss Toodyay Show Girl.

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