This Day in History: 1989-11-30

The Shire of Toodyay undertook a Population Survey, as the Shire Council felt it was not receiving a fair and equitable share of Commonwealth and State grants when population was being used as a determining criterion.  The survey information collectors were Mrs. Glenys Chitty and Mr. David East. In June 1989, the Australian Bureau of Statistics had estimated the Shire’s population to be 2,066 persons. The new survey revealed the Shire’s total population was 2,580 persons, with 224 of those being temporary/semi-permanent/weekend residents. The number of dwellings was 796 permanent residences and 43 temporary/semi-permanent/weekend residences. In terms of age, 20% was in the 46-50 age groups, closely followed by 21-35 years (19%), 36-50 years (17%) and 6-15 years (17%).

Toodyay herald, Oct. 1989, p.3; Mar. 1990, pp. 3-4.