This Day in History: 1988-12-07

Extensions to the Toodyay War Memorial on Anzac Avenue, Toodyay, were officially opened by Sir Ernest H. Lee Steere, KBE.  Names of those who served in World War 2, the Korean War and the Vietnam War were displayed on the new wall surrounding the Memorial obelisk.  Mrs. Vivian Statham (nee Bullwinkel) MBE, Warden of the State War Memorial, was a special guest. The upgrading was completed as part of the Australian Bicentennial celebrations with funding from the Toodyay Bicentennial Committee, the Australian Bicentennial Authority and the Shire of Toodyay. The granite name panels were done by Midland Monumental Works. Rob Joddrell constructed the stone wall, from granite donated from Western Quarries, Toodyay stone donated from Velletta Quarries and sand donated by Peter Wacura.

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