This Day in History: 1988-08-13

The Toodyay Society held the Newcastle Bicentennial Colonial Ball in the Toodyay Memorial Hall, with the theme ‘The First Fleet’. Gloria O’Meara iced the Bicentennial cake, featuring a decorated tall ship, and ocean waves. The Rag Bags Patchwork Group’s Bicentennial appliqué wall-hanging was also displayed in the Hall Foyer. The Sports, Arts and Citizenship Awards were presented during the evening, by David Hutchison, President of the Toodyay Sporting and Recreation Federation. The winners were: Senior Citizenship:  Joseph C. ‘Mac’ Wroth; Junior Citizenship: Aimee Duncan; Senior Sports:  David Hutchison; Junior Sports: Aaron Thorne and Rachel Kermode; Senior Arts: Barry Campbell; Junior Sports: Aaron Mutch. Athol Donegan of Avon Grader Hire was acknowledged for his continued sponsorship of the Awards.

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