This Day in History: 1988-01-26

On a very hot evening at the Australian Bicentennial Anniversary Street Party on Australia Day in Toodyay, the Toodyay Memorial Hall clock was unveiled by Albert V. (Bert) Crane MLA, Member for Moore, and then blessed by the three Toodyay church ministers.  A plaque was unveiled on the wall at the entrance of the Hall. The clock, a replica of a 2-faced railway clock, was made by locals Kim Darragh and Graham Boston. The evening closed with Miriam Geary cutting the Bicentennial Birthday Cake, made by Mavis Jefferys, iced by Gloria O’Meara, and donated by the Toodyay Branch of the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia. Poetry reading, sheep shearing, and music supplied by Avon & Friends were enjoyed by the crowd of 300 people.

Toodyay herald, Jan.-Feb. 1988, pp. 1 (photo), 11 (photos).