This Day in History: 1985-10-12

Performing cockatoos were a popular attraction at the 132nd (actually 127th) Toodyay Agricultural Show held at the Toodyay Showgrounds. A Toy Parade replaced the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Peter Carter, President of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia, presented the prizes, stating that the Perth Royal Show was only possible due to the backbone provided by the Shows in country areas. The President’s Trophy for most points in the sheep, cattle and wool sections was won by David and Judith Walton of ‘Grantara’, Nunyle. Best Exhibit sashes were presented for the first time for a variety of sections in the Lee Steere Pavilion. The regular barbecue tea in the evening was run this year by the Toodyay Sub Centre of the St. John’s Ambulance Association of Western Australia. The President of the Toodyay Agricultural Society was Rodney Fewster. The Secretary/Treasurer was Pam Masters of the Toodyay Tourist Centre.

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Toodyay herald, Nov. 1985, pp.10 -11.