This Day in History: 1965-07-15

The Toodyay Agricultural Society ran a ‘Young Ewe (Merino) Competition’ at the Toodyay Showgrounds. An unofficial sheep dog trial, using the new Canberra type fences, was also held, to give the dogs a warm-up prior to the sheep dog trials to be held in Northam in the future. Dawn Atwell had entered dogs, the sheep were provided by Ernest H. Lee Steere and the Toodyay C.W.A. did the refreshments. The winners were: spring shorn section: David G. Walton; autumn shorn section:  J. Erickson; and the judge was Ian McGill of Calingiri.

Toodyay Agricultural Society minutes (Acc 6299A, Battye Library, State Library of Western Australia), 1965.
Central districts herald-tribune, 1 July 1965, p.1; 22 July 1965, p.10.