This Day in History: 1963-11-17

The last Mass and communion were celebrated by the Most Rev. Myles McKeon, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth in the old Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist on Stirling Terrace, Toodyay.  The new Church of St. John the Baptist, across the road in the Convent of Mercy precinct, was blessed and opened on the same day by the Most Rev. McKeon, witnessed by a congregation of almost 600 people.A Solemn Mass was then celebrated by the Rev. Father John Chokolich. The architects of the new church were Summerhayes & Associates, and the builders were J. & L. Bianchini. The 5 ½ year project cost about £9,500. The new church incorporated a nun’s chapel for the exclusive use of the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters’ Convent Chapel was to be converted for other uses.

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