This Day in History: 1956-03-23

Tenders were called by the Toodyay Road Board for additions and renovations to the Toodyay Town Hall, to be received by 16 April. Plans were available from the architect Edgar le B. Henderson of the firm E. le B. Henderson and Thompson, Architects, of Perth. The plans called for the removal of the existing stage and the lean-to kitchen and storeroom at the rear. The main hall would be extended 20ft and a new stage (30ft by 33ft), proscenium arch, storage room, kitchen and toilet would be added at the rear. The Lesser Hall would include new toilets and a ticket box. The biobox (projection room) was to be renovated. Steps and a new door from the Lesser Hall into the main hall would replace the original fireplace. Acoustic tiles would be added to the back of the main hall.

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