This Day in History: 1956-03-10

The Toodyay RSL Sub-branch sent a deputation to meet the Toodyay Town Hall Committee, with a proposal relating to the funding and use of the Town Hall. The Sub-branch was concerned there was no adequate memorial for World War II, and suggested the RSL donate £1,000 to the Road Board towards the planned Town Hall refurbishment, with the provisos that the Hall be renamed the Memorial Hall and the Sub-branch has the use of the Hall rent free for its monthly meetings. The Chairman of the Committee indicated that the Board would agree to these terms. The deputation said the RSL Sub-branch would vote on the proposal at their next meeting and also decide what to do with its land in Stirling Terrace.

Toodyay Road Board minutes, 10 Mar, 1956.
Central districts herald, 29 Mar. 1956, p.7.