This Day in History: 1956-03-03

The Main Roads Dept. started work at the Harper Road end of Stirling Terrace, including the installation of 8 in. kerb stones, 5 in. above the road gutter. The Road Board Secretary reported some raising or lowering of the road would be required. For example, the road outside the Road Board Chambers (now the Library) would be raised 2 ft, and 5 in. outside the Newcastle Hotel. In most other places, the rise would be 1-2 in. The Toodyay Road Board staff would bituminize the footpaths but some existing good concrete pavements would be retained. The old brick and timber drain across the road at the corner of Clinton Street was to be replaced by a 24 in. reinforced concrete pipe, which was to run from the rear of the Freemasons’ Hotel.

Toodyay Road Board minutes, 10 Mar. 1956.