This Day in History: 1954-03-31

The Chairman of the Toodyay Road Board, Edward Davy, and Mrs. (Georgie) Davy were presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during the Royal Visit to Northam. The Toodyay Road Board had the responsibility of constructing a triumphal arch in Hawes Street, Northam, one of several for Queen Elizabeth II’s visit that day. Four bus-loads of Toodyay’s school children watched the Royal Progress from the roadside at Clackline, a last minute change of plan to attend the event at Northam, due to the polio epidemic.

Toodyay Road Board minutes, 14 Dec. 1953.
Toodyay herald, 18 Feb. 1954, p.2;  1 April 1954, p.1 (photo)