This Day in History: 1951-05-03

The Toodyay State School in Duke Street held a special celebration for the Commonwealth of Australia Jubilee Celebrations, organized by Headmaster Mr. Pat Riley. After a morning service by the Anglican Rector, the Rev. John Wardman, the students presented folk dancing, drills and a decorated bicycle competition. In the afternoon, 300 folk watched as Mrs. T.J. (Esther) Donegan presented Jubilee Medals to the younger students, and Mr. Horace Charles Wood (Road Board Chairman) presented books to the senior students and an Australian flag to the school. Celebrations also occurred at the Avondown Convent School [St. Aloysius] (not sure of the day), where the students received Jubilee booklets and medals, and a concert was held featuring the school choir and folk dancing.

Toodyay herald, 12 April 1951, p.2; 10 May 1951, p.1.