This Day in History: 1917-06-07

Members of the Royal Commission on Agricultural Industries of Western Australia on the Settled Portions of the South-West Coastal Districts interviewed farmers in Bolgart and Toodyay. On the Thursday afternoon, at Bolgart, Henry Harold Paynter (of Woolundra) and Frank Evans Venn (of Dardanup Park) interviewed William Cousins (farmer, Long Hills, Bejoording), and James Sturgess Twine (farmer, Yulgering, Kalingiri [now Calingiri]), Edward Ludemann (farmer, Wattening) and Richard Fletcher Thackray (farmer, Bolgart). On the Thursday evening, in Toodyay, Paynter and Venn interviewed Charles James Lloyd (farmer, Calbaline, Toodyay) and Charles Maxwell Lukin (farmer and agent, Toodyay). Other members of the Royal Commission were John Owen Giles (of Elder, Shenton and Co, Ltd.) and Barnard Lionel Clarkson (of Toodyay). Earlier that year, Alfred Napoleon Piesse, (farmer, of Toodyay) had been interviewed in Perth.

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