This Day in History: 1872-02-16

Comptroller General Henry Wakeford closed, for the final time, the Toodyay Convict Hiring Depot.

Its men were transferred to the York or Guildford Convict Hiring Depots and the remaining buildings handed over to the Colonial Government.
The police services were increased, taking over the former Toodyay Depot Warders’ Quarters and Depot Store, on what is now Fiennes Street, for use as the Police Sergeant’s Quarters and Police Office.
The front section of the former Toodyay Depot Barracks, next door, became the Court House and Resident Magistrate’s office, and the back section was converted into a schoolroom.
On the other side of the former Toodyay Depot Barracks, the Infirmary, cookhouse, deadhouse (morgue) and closet (toilet) were retained for the purposes of a Colonial hospital (ie the first Newcastle Hospital).

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