This Day in History: 1871-02-22

The first election of seven members to serve on the Victoria Plains Road Board occurred at the Police Station, New Norcia. The election was conducted by the Toodyay Resident Magistrate William John Clifton. The sum of £300 was allocated from public funds for the year.  The members elected were: The Right Rev. Bishop Rosendo Salvado of New Norcia Mission, Messrs. Donald MacPherson (chairman) of ‘Glentromie’, north of New Norcia, John Martin Butler of New Norcia (hon. secretary), James L. Clinch of ‘Berkshire Valley’, Moora, Jeremiah J. Clune of ‘Canterbury’, north of New Norcia, Walter Padbury of ‘Yatheroo’, near Dandaragan, and James Drummond Jnr. of ‘Yere Year, near Dandaragan. Matthew Clune was elected auditor.

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