This Day in History: 1838-08-15

The Directors for the Management of Roads, etc. met at Perth and divided the country into the four main districts:

1. The right and left bank of the Swan River to terminate at the Half-Way House [wayside inn], on the York road, and on the Toodyay road at the junction of the road between Toodyay and Northam.
2. The Canning, Murray, and Leschenault.
3. York; bounded on the north by Mr. Ridley’s farm; on the south by the located lands on the Avon; on the west by the Half-Way House.
4. Toodyay; bounded on the south by land to the northward of Mr. Ridley’s farm; and by the junction of the Northam and Toodyay roads to the westward.

Perth gazette, 18 Aug. 1838, pp.130, 132.