ToodyaYesterday essay: Toodyay Masonic Lodge (former Templar’s Hall)

Toodyay Masonic Lodge (fmr Templars’ Hall), by Dr. Robyn Taylor.

Extract from Duidgeeana, the newsletter of the Toodyay Historical Society (Inc.), Issue No. 11, September October 2009, pp. 6-8.

The Toodyay Masonic Lodge in Fiennes Street, bounded by Templar Lane and Pelham Street, may look from the outside to be a rather humble, nondescript sort of building. However the Lodge has one of the most fascinating interiors to be found in Toodyay. Its two main rooms reflect both its past and present histories as a Lodge, with one room being the former Templars’ Hall, erected in 1879, and the other a Masonic Lodge room that was added in 1924. As a whole the building is a very special place holding many memories and associations with Toodyay’s colourful past.

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