ToodyaYesterday essay: The TAS story: the first 160 years, 1853-2013

The TAS story: the first 160 years, 1853-2013, by Beth Frayne.

Extract from Duidgeeana, the newsletter of the Toodyay Historical Society (Inc.), Issue No. 33, Summer 2013, pp. 5-10.

Photo caption: The first grandstand and exhibition hall (built 1910). The tree on the right is the one now in front of the sheep and wool pavilions. (Photo: Courtesy, THS archives)

(This essay is an updated version of an essay written with the assistance of TAS Past President the late Gaven Donegan, for the Toodyay Agricultural Society’s 160th Anniversary Show, 12 October 2013.)

Excerpt: “The Toodyay Agricultural Society is the oldest community organisation in the district of Toodyay, with its membership over time representing people from all walks of life. The Society is the second oldest existing agricultural society in the state of Western Australia, with the neighbouring society at York being the oldest.”

This year, 2024, will be 170 years since the first Show was held in old Toodyay (now West Toodyay) on 28 October 1854.

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