ToodyaYesterday essay: The new Newcastle Bridge turns 40

The new Newcastle bridge turns 40, by Beth Frayne.

Extract from Duidgeeana, the newsletter of the Toodyay Historical Society (Inc.), Issue No. 6, Nov Dec 2008, p.8.

On 27 November 2008, the current ‘Newcastle Bridge’, Toodyay, celebrated its 40th birthday! The new ‘Avon River Bridge’, as it was named on that occasion, was officially opened on 27 November 1968 by the Minister for Works, Ross Hutchinson, in the presence of Members of Parliament, the Commissioner of Main Roads, Shire Councillors and hoards of onlookers.

The bridge was designed and financed by the Main Roads Dept, and built at a cost of $245,000 by R.P. Constructions Pty. Ltd. The load limit had been increased from the 40 tons of the old bridge to 200 tons. Subsequent names changes: Bolgart Bridge, and now ‘Newcastle Bridge’.

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