ToodyaYesterday essay: Governors and Vice Regal Visits

Governors and Vice Regal Visits to Toodyay, by Beth Frayne.

Extract from Duidgeeana, the newsletter of the Toodyay Historical Society (Inc.), Issue No. 3, May June 2008, pp. 4-6. Plus a Post Script from Duidgeeana Issue No. 4, July August 2008, p. 3.

Governors of Western Australia visited the Toodyay district on many special occasions. For author Beth, finding the visit dates and confirming the detail had been an interesting exercise.

Following is a summary of which Governor (or Lieut.-Governor) came and when, as known at the time of writing (2008): 1836: Captain Sir James Stirling; 1853: Captain Charles Fitzgerald; 1855, 1856, 1861: Arthur Edward Kennedy; 1863, 1866: John Stephen Hampton; 1888: Sir Frederick Napier Broome; 1897: Lieut.-Colonel Sir Gerard Smith; 1906: Sir Edward Stone; 1908: Admiral Sir Frederick George Denham Bedford; 1977: Air Chief Marshal Sir Wallace Kyle; 1981: Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Trowbridge; 1994: Major-General Michael Jeffery; 2003: Lieut. General John Sanderson; 2008: Dr Ken Michael.

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