ToodyaYesterday essay: 124 Stirling Terrace Toodyay: a quiet achiever.

124 Stirling Terrace, Toodyay: a quiet achiever, written by Jenny Edgecombe; research by Jenny Edgecombe and Elizabeth Frayne.

Extract from Duidgeeana, the newsletter of the Toodyay Historical Society (Inc.), Issue No. 28, Spring 2012, pp. 5-8.

Photo caption: The Country Realty cottage at 124 Stirling Terrace, Toodyay. (Photo: Jenny Edgecomber, 2012)

Extract from the essay:

It’s one of those little old buildings you hardly notice as you walk by. We started with a few unsubstantiated stories about some of the tenants and a brief description from the 1975 buildings survey. Using the Historical Title Deed Search obtained from Landgate by the current owner, Lui Marcelli, Trove Online Newspapers and the Historical Society’s resource centre we have uncovered the enduring story of a real little workhorse, one of Toodyay’s earliest surviving buildings

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