Toodyay WA Post Office Directories Database (1893-1949) Name List

This Database contains the names transcribed from the WA Post Office Directories for the years 1893 to 1949. The directories are held in the Battye Library of the State Library of Western Australia, and are also available online on the State Library website:

The post office directories published by H. Pierssené and then by H. Wise & Co. are an invaluable source of information for anyone who is doing family history or research on Western Australia during the period 1893-1949.  While it is not possible to do a text search on the online directories, finding listings by localities, surnames, etc., is easy using the contents pages. Hence, the Society decided to produce its own alphabetical listing of Toodyay and Bolgart district residents, showing the span of years in which they were listed. From this source, these names can be checked online on the State Library POD website.

The full database is the work of THS member Kaye Nielsen who transcribed this information for THS in 2010. Subsequently, member Milton Baxter proofread Kaye’s work. In 2021, member Beth Frayne finally formatted the database for display on our website.

More information is still to be added to this THS POD Database, as in some years, several localities in the Toodyay district were listed separately to the Newcastle and Toodyay main listings. Listings for localities such as Bolgart (most) and Bejoording (some) have been added, but information for Coondle, Coorinja, and Wongamine is still to be incorporated. 

Names only are listed in this file. More information is seen in the Main Database files: Name, Dates listed, Occupation, Place (other than Toodyay/Newcastle), Extra information. See examples below.

Brennan, M. & A.1919-1938/9Farmers  
Brewis, Edwd.1923-1949Manager, Toodyay Valley Co-op. (1923-1940/41), [none] 1941/42-1949) Brewis, E. (1923-1942/43), Brewis, Edwd. (1944-1949)
Bridges, Geoff1945-1949TeacherBolgart 

File Date: 23 Sept. 2021 Access: Free to View