Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No 6 February 2014

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption: Toodyay Naturalist’ Club vollies and their 15 bag litter and prunings haul! (Photo: B. Frayne’s camera, 2014)

Contents in this issue: TTTC has entered 2014 competition – Beth Frayne; January 2014 Committee Meeting Deliberations – Beth Frayne; Toodyay Naturalists’ Club Members IGA Garden Clean Up – Desrae Clarke; Clean Up Australia Day in Toodyay – Beth Frayne; Butt Bins – Shelley Kingston (Board Executive Officer, Toodyay & Districts Community Financial Services Ltd.); Signs of the Times – Greg Warburton; Picture gallery.

File date: 17 Jan. 2022. Access: Investigator and Query Subscribers.