Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No. 18 April 2016

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption: The audience in the glittering Toodyay Memorial Hall were spell-bound by local lighting expert Sean Byron’s sparkling lights at the Australian Tidy Towns Award Dinner, Friday evening, 18 March. (Photo: Jess Shilcock, Toodyay Theatre Group)

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s newsletter. This issue gives a detailed overview of the Australian Tidy Towns Awards, held in Toodyay, 17-18 March 2016. A glittering affair!

Contents in this issue: Introduction: Australian Tidy Towns Awards Event, March 2016 – Beth Frayne; 1. The March to March 2016 – Beth Frayne and Greg Warburton; 2. The Tote Bag Story – Bridget Leggett; 3. Developing Shop Window Displays – Beth Frayne; 4. Welcoming Sights – Beth Frayne; 5. Your Town: Award Winning and Litter Free: A ‘How To’ Workshop – Beth Frayne; 6. An Evening in Gaol under the Stars and Clouds – Margie Eberle, Greg and Beth; 7. Up Early for the Grande Toodyay Tour – Beth Frayne and Greg Warburton; 8. Scones and Speeches at the CWA Hall – Beth Frayne; 9. Gourmet Burger Lunch Beside the Avon River   – Beth Frayne; 10. The Glittering Awards Dinner in the Memorial Hall   – Beth Frayne; 11. A Favour for our Dinner Guests – Beth Frayne; 12. Creating Toodyay’s Bag Trophy – Greg Warburton; 13. Thank You to ALL our Supporters – Debra Andrijich and Beth Frayne; 14. And There was More – Beth Frayne; 15. Onwards Goes the Tidy Towns Committee – Beth Frayne

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