Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No. 15 December 2015

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption:  Toodyay gleefully on the stage, accepting our Young Legends Award, with Captain Cleanup (on the far right) helping us along. Shire President David Dow is holding our Award certificate. Photo:  Lumiere Photographics, 2015)

Welcome to the fifteenth issue of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s newsletter. Our success in the 2015 State Tidy Towns Awards is just one of our many features.

Contents in this issue: 1. Looking Forward but also Looking Back – Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee. 2 State Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards, 11 September – Beth Frayne. Including: National Awards 25th Anniversary; Greg’s Poem: PLENTY TIDY by Greg Warburton; Toodyay’s Young Legends Category Award win in the 2015 State Awards; The State Winner for 2015 was Albany!; 2015 Australian Award Contenders and Judging. 3. Australian Tidy Towns Awards Event, March 2016 – Bridget Leggett and Debra Andrijich; Special Tote Bags for Delegates – Beth Frayne. 4. Update on Showcasing our Community Sustainability – Linda Rooney. 5. Inclusive Mosaic Project, 7 October – Linda Rooney and Peter Robinson. 6.  Northam-Toodyay Road Community Cleanup Success, 1 November – Shelley Kingston; Will Johnston’s Report. 7. Toodyay School activities – Bev Ellis: Waste Wise School; Red Hill Excursion; Recycled Art. 8. Adopt-A-Spot Update – Shelley Kingston; Majestic Heights Residents make a start – Bridget Leggett. 9. Reserves Update – Greg Warburton: Julimar Cleanup; Damage by Picnickers; Dumping Being Monitored. 10. Clean Up Red Hill Campaign – Greg Warburton. 11. Signage Update – Greg Warburton. 12. Recycling Workshop and Show TimeBeth Frayne. 13. Litter Legends – Beth Frayne. 14. Roadside Bin Dilemma – Greg Warburton. 15. Congratulations Are Due – Beth Frayne.

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