Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No. 14 September 2015

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption: Toodyay Tidy Towns appreciation certificates were presented to Toodyay District High School staff at the World Environment Day assembly, 5 June. L-R: Principal Tim Martin, teacher Bev Ellis, Greg Warburton (TTTC), teacher Darryl Orr, and Shelley Kingston (TTTC and Bendigo Bank).  Photo:  Beth Frayne, 2015)

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s newsletter. Much has been going on behind and also in front of the scenes since our last newsletter in May.

Contents in this issue: 1. Inclusive Recycled ‘Bottle Top’ Art Project, 15 July – Beth Frayne. 2. Preparation for the National Awards in Toodyay, 17-18 March 2016 – Beth Frayne. 3. Showcasing our Community Sustainability – Linda Rooney. 4. Northam-Toodyay Road Community Cleanup – Shelley Kingston. 5. Déjà Vu – Tidy Towns Judgement Day, 16 June 2015 – Beth Frayne. 6.  Adopt-A-Spot Update – Shelley Kingston. 7. More Local Litter Legends – Greg Warburton. 8. Pesky Phone Book ‘Delivery’ – Greg Warburton. 9. Reserve Dumping – Greg Warburton. 10. Clean Up Red Hill Campaign – Greg Warburton . 11. Signage Update – Greg Warburton. 12. Sustainability Audit Report 2015 – Beth Frayne. 13. Supporter Welcomes and Farewells – Beth Frayne. 14. Awards galore for Toodyay – Beth Frayne. Picture Gallery.

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