Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No. 13 May 2015

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption: Toodyay, winners at the National Awards, Sheffield, Tasmania. L-R Back Row: Mel Hay, Chair KABWA; David Dow, Toodyay Shire President; Judy Dow, Shire of Toodyay; Beth Frayne, Secretary, TTTC; Greg Warburton, Chair, TTTC; Vicki Warburton, Friends of the River; Roma Heath, TTTC; Kaye Rewell, Bowling Club; Audrey Bell, Shire of Toodyay; Gail Dodd, KABWA. L-R Front Row: Hannah Morrison, Toodyay District High School; Shelley Kingston, Toodyay & Districts Community Bank; Bob Frayne, Naturalists’ Club. (Photo: Puccetti Studio Tasmania)

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s newsletter. THE KAB NATIONAL TIDY TOWNS AWARDS ISSUE! The photo says it all!

Contents in this issue: 1. Preparation for the National Awards in Sheffield, Tasmania, 26-27 February– Beth Frayne; 2. Young Ambassador Hannah Morrison’s Letter– Beth Frayne; 3. Getting to Sheffield – Greg Warburton, Shelley Kingston and Kaye Rewell; 4.  Thursday:  Day activities – Shelley Kingston; 5. Thursday: Tasmazia Night! – Shelley Kingston; 6. Friday Morning – Shelley Kingston and Beth Frayne; 7. Friday Afternoon Presentations in the Town Hall (1914) – Shelley Kingston and Beth Frayne; 8. Awards Night in Sheffield’s School Hall – Shelley Kingston; 9. Touring afterwards in Tasmania – Hannah Morrison.; 10. Back home – Greg Warburton and Beth Frayne; 11. TTT is now on Facebook! – Shelley Kingston; 12. TTT Thank You Celebration, 9 May – Beth Frayne; 13. Southern Cross Visitors. – Greg Warburton; 14. KABWA National Volunteering Week event, 12 May – Beth Frayne.

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