Toodyay Tidy Talk newsletter: No. 12 April 2015

Newsletter of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee.

Photo caption: The Toodyay Naturalists’ Club haul after cleaning up Toodyay Road at Morangup on Clean Up Australia Day, 1 March. (Photo: Lance Bennett on Desrae Clarke’s camera, 2015).

Welcome to the twelfth issue of the Toodyay Tidy Towns Committee’s newsletter. The ‘NOT THE NATIONAL AWARDS” issue! (This will be No. 13.) Actually this is the ‘THANK THE SUPPORTERS’ issue.

Contents in this issue: 1; Former National Title winner Collie sent us its best wishes. – Nola Green (Collie TTC) and Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 2. Clean Up Australia Day 2015 – another Toodyay first; 3. TTT Committee changes – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 4. Adopt-A-Spot report. – Shelley Kingston (TTTC; Toodyay & Districts Community Financial Services Ltd. (Bendigo Bank) rep.); 5. Good news in 2015. – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 6. Sustainability Audit 2015. – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 7. Go, Toodyay Farmers’ Market! – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC);  . National Volunteers Week, 11-17 May. – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 8. New Look TTSC Awards this year. – Beth Frayne (Sec. TTTC); 9. TTTC Meetings. – Beth Frayne (Sec., TTTC); PICTURE GALLERY.

File date: 28 May 2022. Access: Investigator and Query Subscribers.