Toodyay oral histories online

Several oral histories about Toodyay and district, recorded by the Toodyay Historical Society and others, are online on the State Library of Western Australia’s free online catalogue.

Quick links to the catalogue records are bolded below. Date listed is the date the interview was done.

Information compiled by Beth Frayne (Toodyay Historical Society)

Andrijich, Marlene              2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Ran the kitchen in Memorial Hall.

Clabaugh, Glenys       2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: CWA member and volunteer during the recovery.

Clarke, Desrae and Wayne       2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Home was in the fire zone; conducted recovery surveys.

Erickson, Frederica (Rica) Lucy (1908-2009)    1991-1992: Researching and writing Toodyay history.

Ferber, Patti (b. 1949)     2020: Lived in Toodyay; environmentalist and Green (W.A.) Co-Convenor.                      

Hancock, Valston, Sir (1907-1998)    1991: Attended the Toodyay Convent School, with his cousin Lang.

Healy, E. (b. 1900).             1975: Daughter of a Toodyay policeman.

Heron, Dorothea (Dorrie) (b. 1905)            1990: Schoolteacher in Toodyay, 1927-1933.

Lukin, Gladys Elizabeth (nee Crossland) (1896-1985)    1976: Lived in Toodyay for a few years; associated with Deepdale.

Madasci, Rosemary           2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: volunteer who supervised Hallmart (in Memorial Hall).

McBride, Murray                2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Shire Fire Control Officer.

McDermott, Ida Maud Jane (1886-1982)        1978: Lived on the family farm ‘Neugin’, in Dumbarton, Toodyay.

Mitchinson, John, and Melanie Pree                 2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Volunteers; supervised the recovery centre in the showgrounds.

Officer, Beryl, and Tim Officer                          2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Bushfire survivors who lost their home, Sessilis Road, Toodyay.

Porter, Ida Agnes (nee Scott) (b. 1893)          1978: Husband managed ‘Hawthornden’ for the Lee-Streere family.

Robinson, Kathy and Peter                 2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Volunteers during the recovery process; issued new bulletins.

Sheridan, James Lawrence Vincent (b. 1886)       1978: Lived, worked and married in Toodyay.

Stratton, George Thomas (b. 1915)                  1988: Farming at Wongamine.

Stratton, Marjorie (nee Lettle) (b. 1919)           1988: Farming at Wongamine.

Stubbs, Ian (b.1948)                   2018: Shire of Toodyay CEO in 2002-2004.

Taylor, Richard William              2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Clinical psychologist, working in Toodyay.

Toodyay Bushfire Recovery Committee            2013: Toodyay Bushfire Project: Members interviewed: Charlie Wroth (co-ordinator) and Alison Wroth, Robbie Devlin, Mark and Marilyn D’Alton.

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