Toodyay Local Government People ( 1871 onwards) Main List

In 2007, the Toodyay Historical Society was commissioned by the Shire of Toodyay to undertake research into the names and service dates for the period 1871-1984 for a set of proposed local government honour boards. This research was undertaken by THS Researcher Beth Frayne. The honour boards were created and hung by the Shire in 2009 in the Shire Chambers, Fiennes Street, Toodyay.   

The six Main List files posted here cover:  

Toodyay Road Board Members, Secretaries and elected Auditors (1871-1961) (posted in 2021)

Newcastle / Toodyay Municipal Councillors, Chairmen, Mayors, Town Clerks and elected Auditors (1877-1912) (posted in 2021)

Toodyay Shire Councillors, Presidents, Shire Clerks and CEOs (1961 onwards) (coming in 2022)

Three of the Main Lists will contain full names and life dates, service role (ie elected members and chief local government officers), and years of service, presented in an alphabetical listing. This list also contains the names and dates of elected Auditors.


Alday, Charles William (1872-1956)RB Secretary: 1935-1945Archdeacon, Ernest Adolphus (1862-1932)RB Auditor: 1895, 1897

The other three Main Lists contain detailed chronological election tables, showing election dates, wards where appropriate, extraordinary elections, missing minutes, and detailed information sources.

File Date: 20 December 2021. Access: Investigator and Query Subscribers.