Toodyay History at a Glance: 1940s

The Toodyay Hospital was officially closed in January 1940.  The Toodyay Road Board was appointed the Trustee of the Toodyay General Cemetery. The Toodyay Show changed its format in 1940-1941, went recess in 1942-1945, and held its first post-war Show in 1946.  The Toodyay Cricket Association went into recess in the 1940-1941 season. Smoke and noise emanated from the Power Station, due to engines changing to wood gas fuel. An earthquake, a severe cyclonic storm and floods were endured. A Home Guard unit, a Volunteer Air Observers’ Corps company and a branch of the ALP were formed. Toodyay Nursing Sister (Lieut.) Alma May Beard was killed in the Banka Island (now in Indonesia) massacre in 1942. Slit trenches were dug. Millars’ Timber and Trading Company established a timber sawmill on a lot facing the railways goods yard. The Australian Military Forces (AMF) took over the Showgrounds. A Sub-Centre of the St. John Ambulance Association was formed, and the first ambulance arrived in 1944. Four men from Toodyay (brothers Bert, Tom and Gordon Dorizzi and Reginald Ferguson) died in Borneo on the Sandakan Death Marches in 1945. Locals celebrated the end of World War 2 and returned service people were welcomed home. The Toodyay and District Progress Association was formed in 1946 and the Prisoner of War Control Centre in town was closed. New tennis courts were opened. Silent diesel engines were installed in the Power Station and the Toodyay Garage and Passenger [bus] Service (run by C.H. Prince and A. Booth) commenced in 1947. The Sanctuary of St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Toodyay, a new extension, was consecrated in 1948. State Tenancy houses were built. The first load of timber was delivered for the construction of the ‘Myrtan’ tannin extract factory near Lloyd’s Pool by Industrial Extracts Ltd. The Toodyay Race Club was revived in 1949, after a 10 year recess, and the Toodyay Racecourse was redesigned. Alf T. Thomas published his book, A history of Toodyay, which was compiled and published for the Toodyay Road Board in 1949.

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